It has been some time now since I have posted, but reading the words of Yogananda have inspired me to share.

“Vibrations of other people can be received by an exchange of magnetism. One who comes near a holy person will be benefited; this is baptism by spiritual magnetism. The saints thoughts and magnetic aura cast out a vibratory glow that changes the consciousness and brain cells who come within range. All who visit or live on the same grounds where a master lives or has lived will automatically be transformed if they are in tune. If that attunement is deep enough, even from thousands of miles away a holy person’s uplifting vibrations can be received.
If one loves poetry and is much in the company of a poet of noble ideals, one will be baptised with wholesome elevated feelings and the appreciation of the goodness and beauty in everything. Such baptism by feeling makes one aesthetically imaginative and sympathetic.
If one associates long with persons of high morality and self-control, ones own life will feel positive reinforcement of moral consciousness and self-control.
If purposely and attentively one associates with successful creative minds, the consciousness will be baptised with a creative business sense.”

~Paramhansa Yogananda

This is of course a two way process. We receive vibrations from others and we also send vibrations from ourselves to them. We can be aware of this in extremes when someone is very anxious, or down, sometimes maybe overjoyed or peaceful. But in its medium range we cannot sense what is going on within their inner life.
Great men of all generations have set examples for us, benchmarks to aim for if one is aware and interested. How would it have been to experience these great ones presence.

There is an NLP technique called re-framing where the individual imagines them self at some point in the future having acquired certain virtues. This can be done today, right now. Just imagine vividly where you would like to get to. Be it in the spiritual world, the world of business, family, schooling. Imagine yourself where you are heading and continue to make daily efforts to reach these goals.


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