Good and Evil

“God is coaxing man with a limitless exhibition of good happenings to influence him for his own highest welfare. Satan is tempting man with deceptive contrivances that are pleasant-looking and promise happiness, but after a little evanescent pleasure give evil consequences instead.
Man stands in the middle between God and Satan, each ready to pull him in whichever direction he wishes to go. Satan is on the left side with his kingdom of misery cloaked in ostentation, and God is on the right side with His kingdom of happiness bathed in eternal light. It is up to man to signal to God or Satan as to which direction he wants to be pulled. Man is perfectly free to act, controlled neither by God nor Satan. Whenever he initiates good actions, or has a pure, ennobling though, that is the signal to God; and he is automatically pulled toward God, toward a paradise of Bliss hidden in the womb of eternal futurity. But as soon as man thinks or acts in accord with evil, he is automatically pulled toward Satan, toward entanglement in the realm of misery-making dualities.
When man succumbs to temptation, or is angry, or jealous, or selfish, or greedy, or revengeful, or restless, he has accepted Satan’s invitation to come to his side. When man is master of himself- moderate, calm, understanding, unselfish, forgiving, practicing meditation- he is inviting God to help him.”

~ Paramhansa Yogananda.

It is clear from the above quote that the choice is most definitely down to the individual. We have a level of free will and are able to make certain choices throughout our lives which shape our days.

Happy or sad, restless or calm, greedy or generous, it is a choice which must be made. It is all too easy to blame our outlook on life on external circumstances and surroundings but we are free to make the choices that are necessary to turn our lives around.

Begin today, right this second to turn the – into a + and reap the benefits that come with this choice. Whether you are religious or not, God and Satan can simply be taken as the principle of positive and negative in their greatest capacity. I know which one I choose and try to spend my days in good actions and ennobling thoughts which enrich my life no end.

If you look very closely, and spend a few minutes of careful introspection looking deep inside yourself you will find the answer that you are looking for. Good or Bad, its up to you!


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