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All living beings seem to be crying out for something or other. Among mankind some pray for wealth, some for health, some for property, some for fame, some for power, some for freedom from troubles, some for food and basic necessities during life. Moreover, all want what they ask for to be on a permanent basis; nobody wants merely a temporary cure or temporary riches. Also, we want these things in full measure, and nothing which is less than full is good enough, our object being to make ourselves full in all respects.

The scriptures belonging to every religion devote thought to the question of what among all these things is really worth praying for. If we study those scriptures accessible to us, it would seem as if all of them want Param-Atman (Universal self), because it is He only who is completely full in all respects and His fullness can never decrease. All the rest are neither full nor permanent. Thus, people really seem to be wanting the Param-Atman though they do not realise this.

When one is a child, one wants toys; when one is a boy, one wants education, when ones education is over, one wants employment; when one gets employment, one wants promotion. Thus, from the beginning to the very end, there is never contentment!

Socrates said; “He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.”

Be contented. Even if it is a struggle to be so. Remember there are millions of others all over the world who are suffering more than you. Simply by reading this post you have some sort of device to access the internet. Others struggle from day to day for food and clean drinking water. We are all experiencing the world in our own way, and if we could find this attitude of contentment with where we find ourselves at this moment, life would be a whole lot easier..


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Individual Efforts

“The fruits of ones spiritual awakening are a blessing not only on ones own life, but on the world at large. ‘One soweth and another reapeth’, a reference to mass karma. Every person sows good or bad actions in the soil of his life, and not only does he himself reap the karmic harvest of those actions, but he make others reap them as well. If a person writes a degrading novel, all who read it reap the evil effects of the authors thoughts. The law of cause and effect operates in even subtler ways as well. The actions of each individual leave electromagnetic etchings in his brain, influencing his future actions; and they also leave vibrational traces in the ether, which register in and influence the minds of others.

In Mysore I visited a sandalwood factory; each piece of shaving of sandalwood contributes to the atmosphere of the whole place, and anyone who enters enjoys the wonderful fragrance. Similarly, when I come to our Self-Realisation Fellowship temples, there are so many good souls earnestly seeking God that I feel the spiritual vibration emanating from their collective goodness.

The overall quality and character of any community, any civilisation, is produced by mass karma, the accumulated effects of actions left in the ether by the populace in general. Each individual is responsible for contributing to the mass karma, which in turn influences every individual.

The person who keeps himself cleansed of all wrong vibrations produces a powerful uplifting effect on his contemporaries. One moon gives more luster than all the stars; so a mooned soul- one who purely reflects the light of God- can influence the masses much more than the masses influence each other. Thus, individual efforts can be even more important than mass karma. one who in every way tries to uplift himself, harmonising body, mind and soul with the Divine, creates positive karma not only in his own life, but in his family, neighbourhood, country and world. Hence it is not justified to say, ‘Thousands of people are misbehaving, so what does it matter if I am, too?’ No! The goodness of one soul may effectively neutralise the mass karma of millions.

Such was the accomplishment of Mahatma Gandhi: he brought freedom to 400 million people by his spiritual influence. He was scoffed at and spent many years in prison, but he still went on. Ultimately, his spirit of righteousness triumphed, and he became instrumental in freeing India by peaceful means. His life stands as a monumental example of the practical application of Jesus Christ’s doctrines. Because ones individual sowed goodness, millions reaped that goodness and freedom.

Each drop of water contributes to the existence of the ocean. So even if each ones life seems no more than a droplet in the sea of humanity, that life can have a significant influence. One who makes himself god-like automatically uplifts countless others on the divine path. One who makes himself evil demotes others from the spiritual plane by a negative effect on their potential weakness. He who has reformed himself has reformed thousands; for what one sows in the ether, by the vibrations of his thoughts and character, others will surely reap.”

~ Paramhansa Yogananda.


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The importance of a Positive Mental Attitude should never be overlooked. It is a term that is used often, perhaps without any understanding as to how powerful this attitude can be if cultivated and utilised daily.

In the world of top flight sports, especially golf, snooker, darts there is a term known as confidence. Confidence is described simply as ‘concentrating on what you want to happen’ in comparison to what you don’t want to occur. Imagine the image of a top flight golfer, every shot is raining down on the flag and the commentators are raving on about the individual being ‘in the zone’!

This zone which is often spoken about in sports is simply a highly positive, confident state of mind where failure is never allowed to enter in to the thought process.

There can be a very simple transition from the world of sport, to life in general.
Look at the people who have made a massive impact on the world, ones who’s companies and lives have soared and made a positive impact on the world and humanity. These individuals would have been super-focussed and positive for many years despite many failures and setbacks which life brings with it.

So. To bring this attitude into ones daily life is the next step. Think positive and confidently. Focus purely on what you want to happen in your life; wether its regaining health, getting that perfect job or work role, finding that perfect partner or maybe achieving a higher state of consciousness. Anything is possible in this time we live in and anyone who tells you differently is most definitely not using the concept P.M.A regularly and should be ignored and avoided!

Go for it! What have you got to lose? What is the alternative? If you think for a second about the alternative you will see why a positive mental attitude is needed. The opposite is doubting yourself, thinking you could never achieve certain things, never aiming for the stars. The choice is yours.

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