The importance of a Positive Mental Attitude should never be overlooked. It is a term that is used often, perhaps without any understanding as to how powerful this attitude can be if cultivated and utilised daily.

In the world of top flight sports, especially golf, snooker, darts there is a term known as confidence. Confidence is described simply as ‘concentrating on what you want to happen’ in comparison to what you don’t want to occur. Imagine the image of a top flight golfer, every shot is raining down on the flag and the commentators are raving on about the individual being ‘in the zone’!

This zone which is often spoken about in sports is simply a highly positive, confident state of mind where failure is never allowed to enter in to the thought process.

There can be a very simple transition from the world of sport, to life in general.
Look at the people who have made a massive impact on the world, ones who’s companies and lives have soared and made a positive impact on the world and humanity. These individuals would have been super-focussed and positive for many years despite many failures and setbacks which life brings with it.

So. To bring this attitude into ones daily life is the next step. Think positive and confidently. Focus purely on what you want to happen in your life; wether its regaining health, getting that perfect job or work role, finding that perfect partner or maybe achieving a higher state of consciousness. Anything is possible in this time we live in and anyone who tells you differently is most definitely not using the concept P.M.A regularly and should be ignored and avoided!

Go for it! What have you got to lose? What is the alternative? If you think for a second about the alternative you will see why a positive mental attitude is needed. The opposite is doubting yourself, thinking you could never achieve certain things, never aiming for the stars. The choice is yours.


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