Uncompromisingness towards your Aim


If we are completely and firmly convinced that we can achieve a certain goal or aim, what could possibly interfere with this? If we have decided not only on the surface of ourselves, but deep within to resolve or achieve a certain aim. If we do not allow any external circumstances, people or events to distract us from our path.

What could we achieve?

I find clear examples from life that everyone can identify with are; learning a new language, and, getting in better shape. I will use these as examples to paint a picture of someone who has an uncompromising focus on their aim.

A young women wishes to learn Spanish. She knows a little but wants to buy the Rosetta Stone programme and practice at least one hour a day. On paper it would seem relatively easy. But think how many distractions there are; Work, family, social life, hobbies, eating, sleeping etc.

How much does the young women want to learn Spanish? How dedicated and uncompromising will she be toward her aim. Will she decline an invite out with friends if she hasn’t done her hour for that day? Will she avoid the comfort of the television after a hard day at work for an hours study? Will she make up any missed hours on Sunday instead of a family BBQ?

If the answer to these things were to be yes, then progress would no doubt be made. But from week to week, month to month, how many appointments for study would be missed? By seeing clearly the goal that has been set and remaining with her original plan under all circumstances, the young woman would undoubtedly have learnt Spanish in a years time (even with a few misses).

Now, to the man who wants to lose several pounds and start working out. Who has an aversion for burgers, cookies, crisps, beer, trifles, and all manner of sweet things. How badly does he want to loose the weight compared to how much he enjoys the temporary pleasure which comes from the sweet food? This is the equation for success along this path.

We all no how hard it is to eat fresh foods, to eat small portions and eat well. How hard it is to start exercising regularly, to get a routine and schedule together and to strictly enforce it.

During this battle between the ‘sweet and the healthy’, the ‘good and bad’ food he will inevitably come across obstacles. How he overcomes these difficult obstacles will be the factor towards how much weight he could lose.

The more we want a thing. The more firmly and unyielding we are towards achieving a specific aim, the more inclined we will be in taking the hard path. If we just maybe want it a little bit, but are not too sure about that. Or, if maybe I want it, but there is something else. Or its so hard to get there. This is the difference between needing success and being comfortable with failure.

This is ultimately the point of this longer than usual blog. How much do you want it? How much are you willing to sacrifice in order to get there? How hard are you willing to work when you hit the wall and times are tough?

If the answers are what they need to be to achieve your aim, it will only be a matter of time. If they fall short of the universal standard nothing can help you achieve. Not even God the creator.

The power of our uncompromisingness is considerably more effective the more we are convinced of the importance of our aim.


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