Life is Development

Everything that lives develops. The Acorn into the oak, the tadpole into the frog, the caterpillar into the butterfly. Day develops and progresses into night and the seasons progress naturally from Spring, to Summer, to Autumn and finally to Winter. This process goes on and on perfectly naturally.

We as humans also develop a great deal. From the time of conception up until the time of birth a cell will develop into millions of cells , and finally a healthy baby. This process of development gets our physical body ready to begin life. We are born into a world where we find ourselves completely helpless and require the love, support and guidance of our parents.

Over time we will learn many motor skills, communicative skills, social skills and life skills. We will learn to walk, to talk, to use the toilet ourselves and after many years of care and attention we will find ourselves ready to leave the nest of our parents and begin life on our own. Independence comes in many different stages of life. The first day at school brings a great deal of independence along with it. When we learn to drive and have our own car brings another massive injection of independence which allows us to travel over greater distances by ourselves. All of these processes described above can take place in two ways… Harmonious or inharmonious.

Now things get interesting. As we live, move and have our being, moving through our days, things can slip out of sync. Things can slowly move away from the ideals we imagined. Many people living today, if you asked them if they are living a harmonious, happy and joyous life would answer with an emphatic NO.

So why this answer; no? People have slipped into bad habits. Bad eating habits, negative thinking habits, detrimental relationships etc. And as we get further and deeper into these negative tendencies there can often seem like there is no way out. People say things along the lines of; ‘But I have always been this size and shape, I could never change now.’ or, ‘Its easy to be positive from over there in that nice job, nice home. Try experiencing life in my shoes!’

One thing people must realise, sooner rather than later, is that at any moment we can make positive changes in our lives. We can give up the cigarettes. We can incorporate a new diet and eating plan. We can work towards increased self-esteem. This power to make these changes is within all of us, maybe weaker or stronger with different individuals but ultimately we can make a positive change right now, this very minute.

If you don’t believe me, there are many individuals and many books who will agree completely with the above paragraph. But the important thing is for you to believe me, to understand that this is actually the case. We have control to move in the direction we choose. Yes it may not be easy and straight forward, but the things worth having are not easy to come by. They require work and effort.

If you are interested in turning your life around and creating new positive habits and attitudes, but are not sure you can make these steps on your own. Don’t worry! Here at Harmonious Development we continue to help people to make the changes that they want to see in their lives. And we can help you too!

Come and visit us at to find out more, to ask a question, or to book an appointment. I look forward to hearing from you!


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