Set Your Sail

It’s not what happens to us that determines our future, it’s what we do about what happens to us. This is a prominent concept in Vedic Astrology; that much of our karma is set even before we are born, but how we react to living out that karma is not set. The two ideas are one and the same.

We can imagine our journey through life as that every individual we see and encounter are in a little sail boat. It will be easy for us to see that it’s not about the blowing of the wind that determines our destination, but the set of the sail. The same wind blows on all of us. The wind of disaster, the wind of opportunity, the wind of change. The wind when its favourable and the wind when its unfavourable. The social wind and the economic wind.

The difference in where people find themselves in life has nothing to do with the blowing of the wind, but it has everything to do with how we set our sail! This is what learning and life lessons are all about, how to set your sail for the better. We can learn from our mistakes and errors from the past and learn new skills and attitudes for the future.

The greatest thing in all of this is that these laws and principles are the same for each and every one of us. The wind will not cease to blow, but we all have the control of our own sail. Eric Worre says in his book; ‘you can tell the size of the man by the size of the problem that gets him down.’ This is easy for us all to verify very quickly. How much does it take to get you down? How easy is it for you to lose confidence? How easy do you give up when things get tough?

Each of us has the opportunity to change right now. This very minute. We can change our income, change our future, change our health, change our marriage, we can change our life. If you make a conscious effort. If you make a conscious choice you can make the next year of your life, completely different from the last year. If you want it you can have it!



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3 responses to “Set Your Sail

  1. Alex Jones

    How beautiful life is for those brave few who seize the opportunity and make choices.


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