The Dream

A man lay on his bed at the end of his life waiting to die.

His dream came to pay its last respects and to bid farewell to the man who had never realised it. As it entered the room the man looked down in shame.

“Why did you not realise me?” the dream asked.

“Because I was afraid,” said the man.

“Afraid of what?” Said the dream.

“I was afraid I would fail”.

“But haven’t you failed by not attempting to use me?”

“Yes, I did, but I always thought there would be tomorrow”.

“You fool, said the dream, did it never occur to you that there was only ever today? The moment you are in right now? Do you think now that death is here you can put it off until tomorrow?”

“No.” said the man, a tear gently rolling down his cheek.

The dream was softer now, because it knew that there were two types of pain, the pain of discipline, and the pain of regret, and while discipline weighs ounces, regret weighs pounds.

Then the dream leant forward to gently wipe away the tear and said,” You need only have taken the first step and I would have taken one to meet you, for the only thing that ever separated us, was the belief in your mind that you couldn’t have me.”

Then they said goodbye, and they both died unfulfilled.——————————-

Now the first thing you have to do is to find a dream. If you haven’t already. Find a dream that has always touched your heart and never left you since you were a child. Once you have decided on the dream, and it shouldn’t be too difficult, go and get it. Get after it. Take that first step towards it.

A person with great dreams can achieve great things. A person afraid of failure, or of not quite going the distance, or of pain and suffering, or of work and effort. They are bound to an end similar to the one in short story above. And when the end is nigh, it will be too late! The time is now. Take that first step today! Do it now.

I know life is busy. We all have work, family commitments, social activities etc. But our dreams don’t care for excuses. It is very simple, you either achieve it or not.

But what we will all realise when we start chasing after our dreams is that what is most important is not the actual achievement of the dream itself, but the wonderful experience waking up every day will bring. Knowing that we have been blessed with another day to work towards our dream. And don’t let anyone tell you any different!

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