It’s safe to say that most of us have a bad habit… Or two, with which we wish to rid ourselves. But do we have the same outlook in forming good or more beneficial habits in our lives?

Repeated performance of good or bad actions forms good or bad habits. Habits are automatic machines in ones psychology which enable a person to perform an action without conscious effort. To perform a good action in this way is very beneficial! It follows then, that it is most detrimental to allow any bad habits to form in daily life.

Ease comes with repetition. Many of the greatest athletes and sportsman of today have simply habituated themselves to perform at the highest level. This law should be used to perform good and beneficial actions. Bad habits are destructive to health, life and inner peace. Overeating, smoking or any other well-known bad habit can cause unhappiness, anxiety and at its worst physical disease.

According to its training, a parrot will repeat a positive compliment or a vile insult. So the bird should be taught only to speak good words, otherwise the owner may be embarrassed if the parrot curses in front of select company. A bad habit, like the evilly educated parrot, will repeat itself against ones will any moment, anywhere and bring sadness and dissatisfaction.

Samuel Johnson said; “The diminutive chains of habit are seldom heavy enough to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.” Some people form habits (good & bad) more easily than others. Someone with a weak will may perform an action only once, and that will be enough for the habit to form. Others with more will power, seemingly have great control over their lives and actions. These people, even when in the company of smokers, drinkers, adulterers can keep tight control of their actions and not be led astray.

If we find ourselves already in the clutches of a bad habit, we can be cured by using the antidote of good actions, good habits and good company. We have all experienced times when we have made a clear intention not to perform an action, only to find ourselves no more than an hour later indulging ourselves in the said action owing to the force of the creation of bad habits.

In conclusion, the first thing to do is diagnose the bad habit to eradicate or the good habit to be incorporated. Next, be vigilant of your actions during the day. It is quite obvious, but if you wish to stop smoking it’s not the best idea to carry cigarettes around with you. If you wish to be a faithful husband it’s best not to frequent strip clubs. And if you desire peace and contentment there are actions to be performed and others to be avoided.

Progress is a slow process when it comes to habits, and like the reformed alcoholic the best attitude is one day at a time. With dedication and right action, I’m certain your life will evolve into one you will be satisfied with!


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