It is widely thought that the world around us and our current circumstances dictate our state of inner happiness, or lack of. This is one of the greatest misconceptions. 

Pain is anything that rouses displeasure or dislike. Pleasure is that which causes attraction and liking. It’s easy to think that pleasure is better than pain. Both of these states however, are fleeting and will come and go. The best attitude is to practice indifference to these influences; neither becoming happy with good circumstances, nor becoming depressed with bad happenings. This is the road to true happiness! 

One of the first pieces of information I received in regards ‘spiritual wisdom’ is that we have a choice in the way we react to things. Before this I thought that insults require retaliation, acts of violence need to be revenged and so forth. With a little practice I soon realised that this is not the case. 

If someone insults you, you have the free will to smile and say, ‘why thanks very much.’ This is real strength. Jesus teaches us that if you are struck on the left cheek, offer the right also. This inner resolve and inability to be effected is what is required to stay centred in this fast paced world. 

Try it for a short time. Decide that you won’t be effected by anything that comes your way. That you will be indifferent to both pleasure and pain. Soon you will see that we have the ability to take complete control of our lives. 


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