Fragments of Fragments

Have been trying to blog a little more regularly recently, try being the operative word. Looking over the categories of previous post’s it has been possible to re-evaluate and re-dedicate myself to a plan of action in regards moving forward. 

I will add here that these blogs are only fragments of fragments of knowledge, information, ideas and subjects. My reason for this is in the hope that someone finds something of interest to them and pursues it further. 

In the past I have blogged about Astrology, which since these blogs I have done an two level course which has broadened my understanding of the subject. I have blogged about Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, two men who have had a miraculous effect on my life and their ideas and examples have really inspired me. Harmonious Development is my Hypnotherapy business which is currently moving very slowly thanks to my two young children (Noah 2 1/2 & Hannah 9 months) which require much of my time and attention. 

Overlapping all of the above subjects is the inherent and unlimited power of the mind and a positive attitude! This is where I began my search and is where I continue to spend much of my time in study, but more importantly experience. Experience is essential in that it can’t be taken from you. Once you have experienced a thing it is yours and no-one or no-thing can take it from you. I can say that sugar is sweet. You can believe or disbelieve me. But once you taste a spoonful of sugar, your experience of sweetness will be far greater than anything I could tell you! 

To conclude. I will be composing more fragments to share with you in the coming days, weeks and months. In the hope of inspiring you to do something you want to do but are yet to initiate, so that you may find a subject of interest to read further into, so that you can experience for yourself the power a positive attitude can have on your life and your days. 

Happy a happy Easter!



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4 responses to “Fragments of Fragments

  1. Alex Jones

    Welcome back to blogging. Yours is one the blogs I have followed since I started blogging on Liberated Way.


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