Is there life out there?

This is a question that all of us must have thought of at some point in time. Is there life outside of this planet? There must be, right!? And the more our technology teaches us about life here on our own earth. In the sea, land and sky, the largest to the smallest, the more resonable it sounds. 

I will be writing this blog from the opinion that there is and must be life outside of this planet. Now you will either agree with me, or you will disagree with me. Those who agree this will strengthen your resolve. Those who disagree will have some more information to base your belief. 

Scientists, physicist, astronomers can all give us a very good idea and picture of the observable universe (not to mention the unobservable!). The individuals in these feilds estimate that there are some 100 billion galaxies in the observable universe. The Earth belongs to the Milky Way galaxy, which comprises approximately 300 billion stars, one of which is our own sun. In the entire observable universe there are thought to be a staggering billion trillion stars. 

This mental picture of the universe will give us some idea of its size and wonder, and that our solar-system is a very small part of it. 

We can speculate between ourselves how many of these stars may have planets capable of sustaining life. Or if life could ever be sustained, if that’s your standpoint. There is an interesting opinion based on logical deductive reasoning, put forth by noted science author Dr. Issac Asimov in his book ‘Extraterrestrial Civilizations’. He states:- 

“After all, the existence of intelligence is not a near-zero probability matter since we exist. And if it is nearly a near-zero probability, considering that near-zero probability for each of a billion trillion stars makes it almost certain that somewhere among them intelligent and even technological civilizations exist. If, for instance, the probability were only one in a billion that near a given star there existed a technological civilization, that would mean that in the universe as awhole, a trillion different such civilizations would exist.” 

It’s difficult to argue with logical deductive reasoning. But I’m certain that some will. Ask yourself, if you haven’t already, if the above quote is not logical and reasonable. 


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