The Process

It is often overlooked the process that goes into success. The processes of everything in life are  regularly not considered when we view the world around us. I have a couple of examples from my own life.

I am going through the process of getting contact lenses. This is a necessary step as I want them for sports. To be able to wear lenses there is a process which I have to go through; eye test, instruction, trial period, final analysis and finally purchase. This is not an issue as I really want to be able to wear contact lenses. Another example is getting married. Planning, preparation, more planning, all for one day that many people say will be over quicker than a flash. But this process is required to get married; ceremony, reception and all.

Let me offer another couple of examples we can all relate to. You see someone with a very attractive, athletic body, and the first thought is usually jealousy or resentment. ‘What a body, how lucky they are, I want a body like that, etc’. We never pause to think of the process that went into that body. Early AM gym sessions, cardio sessions, healthy eating plans when it would be easier to indulge on sweets. Let us bear this in mind the next time we would like to experience what someone else has.

Finally there are all the successful individuals in the main stream media; movie stars, sports stars, musicians, entrepreneurs, business CEO’s, the list is endless. These people went through a process, some very lengthy, grueling and often times unpleasant. 

Do you think these people regret the difficult process they went through to get where they are today? Do you think they begrudge themselves the easy life they could have had to have stayed where they were and always had been? NO! They had a dream, a vision, an aim and nothing was going to stop them from reaching that goal. 

I share this with you today because whether the aim is to get contact lenses, to make a cup of tea, to emigrate to another country, get the body/job/career you have always wanted. From the small and seemingly insignificant to the grand and dreamy, a process will have to be followed. 

Find that goal, plan and forsee the process required and don’t stop until you arrive! 


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