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Are You Happy?

I have considered that this post will have an impression on those who read it, and so rather than jumping right in, I thought I would ramble on for a second so that if you are interested you will continue, if not, you will scroll on. 
Are you Happy? 

Do you know the cause of your state, happiness or unhappiness? Is this cause within your control, could you change it immediately and by doing so attain happiness? 
I learnt some years ago that one has the free will to choose how to react to a situation, and have control over their mental state; happy, angry, worried, agitated, excited, content, scared, focussed, peaceful, etc. 
Look at the example of the Dalai Lama, who is still with us. Mahatma Ghandi, George Gurdjieff, Franz Bardon, who are no longer with us. Have not these men, particularly the Dalai Lama who most of us will know, developed the skill of happiness?
Is it fair to say that happiness is a skill? Or true to say that one can be better or worse at being happy? An argument to these questions is often; “how can I be happy when this is occurring in my life?”.
No one can argue that there are many things in life to be unhappy about. Terrible disasters and darkness. But is this not the same for the Dalai Lama? Yet he still seems to have found peace and happiness, even though he is experiencing the same existence as us in the 21st century. This shows us that happiness is possible.
So, the Dalai Lama is skillfull at being happy!? Has he always been this skilled or did he learn to be so? 
From what little I know about the life of the Dalai Lama, I can say that he can’t of been happy when his country was invaded and he was exiled and made to live as a refugee. Or could he have been? Could an individual be happy in these circumstances. Are there happy Syrians who now have no home to go to? If there is one, or even a family unit, and I hope and pray that there is one, who still have faith regardless of their terrible circumstances. Then it is indeed possible regardless of ones circumstances. 
It is better to be happy, than to be unhappy. If you believe this as I do, know that you have every right to be happy, regardless of what you have experienced. If not, then I am sorry if this post may have offended you. 
I read a lecture, which in turn made me think of these subjects, which in turn made me create this post. 
And when I am for some reason unhappy, usually due to circumstance and the weight of the world at times. If I so happen to hear on a radio or on any other medium of sound the great, and I imagine very happy most of the time, Bob Marley’s beautiful song…..
“Don’t worry…. About a thing. Coz every little thing. Is gonna be alright….” 
My state usually transforms pretty quickly. Put it on, Mr. Marley knew what he was taking about.


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