Free-Will & Imagination

Free-will and imagination are two very powerful tools that very few people train and utilise in their lives. These are the keys, (as well as hard work) that will bring everything that you have dreamed into your life. 

One of the most popular spiritual maxims in recent years is free-will. The concept that we have the right to choose what we will think. You can, and MUST choose how you will think! What’s the alternative? Let your mind run here and there wherever it likes, most often to dwell in some negative corner imagining over and over how bad things will likely work out. 

So, from the above example it is clear that we will be far better off if we can gain more control over our mind and thoughts. Pay attention to any recurring negative thoughts. Be wary of who you spend time with and if they complain endlessly. These things will develop thought patterns that are difficult to remedy. 

Similar to free-will but very different at the same time is imagination. Together, as I said above, you can change your life with these tools. Free-will gives you the freedom and choice to choose what you will imagine, and your imagination is the process of thinking about, or visualising if you have a visually active mind, what it is you would like to experience. 

An example of the power that imagination holds; An athlete was hooked up to a machine that measures physical, mental and emotional activity. The athlete, a sprinter, was instructed to imagine in vivid detail their speacalist race, the 200m. What was interesting to behold during the experiment was that by simply vividly imagining the activity of running a race, the same nerves and muscles we firing which would have if they had actually be running! This brings us to a sub-point regarding imagination. The more vivid and real you can imagine, the easier it will be for this process to work for you. 

To conclude what has been said. By bringing these thought processes together and combining their power, you can affirm again and again what you would like to bring into your life. Just think of what you would like in your life, then imagine yourself; doing, having, meeting, experiencing, enjoying, gaining, losing, whatever it is you want. If you use these tools, as well as actively seeking out and working towards them in physical reality, I am confident that it will not be long before you experience what it is that you initially imagined. 

If you have any previous experience with using your imagination and free-will for affirmation, please share your experience in the comments below. Alternatively, if you have decided that you would like to make a positive change in your life, and will do it with the help of affirmation, let us know. 


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