A Message 

I have the desire to write something that appeals to all my friends on
Wordpress. Everyone on here that reads this; Religious and spiritually minded, positive affirmers, go getters. But also those who browse over positive quotes or spiritual/religious ‘mumbo jumbo’.
To write something as a means of helping to inspire faith, increase optimism and positivity, and ultimately move towards happiness and fulfilment in life! 
What do you think? Is it possible to appeal to everyone, or am I setting my sights too high?



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2 responses to “A Message 

  1. Hello my friend, I absolutely think that you should write, positive, supportive and affirmative posts. There is far too much negativity written and perpetuated, in the various media outlets to drive a fearful wedge between us and extinguish any hope of unity, understanding and world harmony. If you feel it write it ! We need a counterbalance.

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