Random Acts of Kindness

This morning I bumped into a good friend of mine who subscribes and reads my blog regularly. After greeting one another his first question was; ‘have you done a random act of kindness yet today?’ Referring to yesterday’s blog post. I scanned back through my morning and realised that I had yet to perform a random act of kindness. This got us talking about the act itself, the most important thing, for thinking about being kind, and helping/serving/assisting someone is completely different than actually performing a random act of kindness.

He then mentioned an act of kindness towards one of his children over the weekend. This act, although kind and loving, was not random. Our loved ones; children, spouse, siblings, parents are all a part of our life, a part of our world, and by loving and serving these people in our lives, we are, by doing so, enriching our own lives at the same time. We should go out of our way to help and assist our parents, especially if they have difficulty. It is our duty to be kind and loving to those who are kind and love us. 

So, then who can benefit from our random acts of kindness? I would say those who have little karma with ourselves. Strangers. Individuals whom we have never set eyes on before, or people we see occasionally and are familiar enough to nod at, or greet with good morning.

Kindness is being open, open to the needs of others. Meanness, selfishness and cruelty is to forget about others and only think of ourselves. These are the only reasons my friend and I could come up with for not being able to perform an act of kindness when the need presented itself. “I’ve got somewhere to be, no time, I’m sorry”. This could be a reason for not being able to help. The main one though, is the fact that many of us are not actively seeking opportunities to help others. 

Look around. Is there someone to help or assist in your immediate environment? What about the space just outside where you are? Ques of people lining up to get help? Probably not. Most of us want to feel strong and independent, and won’t ask for help when we need it, but will instead struggle on, alone. This is why it helps to remain attentive if you are seeking opportunities to practice a random act of kindness! 

Looking back to the previous post which sparked this thought process and activism we find two quotes, one from the Dalai Lama, and one from Morgan Freeman. 

My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.” 
How do we change the world? One random act of kindness at a time.

To add an exclamation point to the quotes, I will share one from Mahatma Gandhi; “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” If I want to see and experience a more kind, considerate, loving world, then I must become more kind and considerate. Simples. 

My request to you, who have made it this far. Become an activist in random acts of kindness. Leave home in the morning with the goal to randomly help one individual, however small it may seem. See how it makes you feel, how grateful your receiver of kindness is at interacting with a kind friendly face willing to help. Then, if you feel the effort was not too great, try and help one more person. If you continue to feel good and enjoy being of service to other people, why would you stop? 

Looking over my last post on kindness, and the content of this post, makes me feel at times that I am just preaching. Be happy, be positive, be kind! 

Anyone who this post resonates with. If you feel happy and inspired after reading this. Looking forward to tomorrow and another opportunity. An opportunity for a random act of kindness, or two, or three…….. And better still, if you see someone who needs help, who needs assistance, who needs kindness, and you act on it, please share it somehow. Either here on WordPress, or if you come across the link on Twitter or Facebook. And after you have shared the link, share a recent random act of kindness. 

I will begin. Today, two people asked me for directions, and I helped them to find the right direction. I had a nice positive chat with my friend, the one mentioned above, which inspired me to write this post and think about being more kind throughout the day. This in turn intensified and caused me to text my dad a reconciling text message. 

The night is young. There are many more people to help! 😀 be an activist. Let me know. 



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3 responses to “Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Matthew alexis

    Nice blog Lewis, glad you had the opportunity to help a couple of people yourself, and hopefully inspired many more to do the same. Looking forward to reading the next one.


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