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A Move to Video


It has been some time since I have posted anything here. Even so, the blog still seems to be getting quite a bit of traffic. Much has been going on in my life, as it often will.

I have decided to begin sharing Video Blogs. They will be very similar to what I have been sharing thus far, but I feel I would be able to share far more information through a video, rather than in text. On top of that, if you dislike reading, or cant find the time, video and audio can be listened to and watched on the move and is a much easier activity.

This choice has come about for several reasons. First is the one mentioned above, simple practicality. Others are due to things I have experience recently. I’ve been inspired by several podcasts, notably: Joe Rogan, Russell Brand, Sam Harris, Tim Ferris, Jocko Willink, Rob Reid among a few others.

Within many of these conversations it has come up that one should pursue what they love. To do a thing because they love it and for no other reason, a passion project. Hearing this over and over again, and the thoughts of a video blog/podcast continually coming into my mind, for several months now, I can ignore them no longer.

There was also one very poignant podcast where Rob Reid was speaking with Chris Anderson, who runs the TED organisation. He was sharing his mission that goes into TED talks and what it means to be able to give a speech, to formulate your ideas clearly and concisely, and ultimately to exhort others into what you are sharing with them. This is one of the many impressions that have caused me to make this choice and attempt to start this endeavor.

So, what will change? As with any new beginning there will likely be tweaks and changes. To begin with, I will post a link to the YouTube video at the top of the post. Then I will share the show notes regarding everything I have spoken of; links to various books and websites, and anything that might help you understand what I have said better, or to investigate in your own time something I have shared.

Looking forward to your feedback as we move forward.


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