The Top 10 Things People Want in LIFE but can’t Seem to Get

The first episode in an exciting new series on what people want out of life. I came across a study that polled thousands of people on the question; ‘If you could say in one word what you want more of in life, what would that be?’

In this Vlog I give a brief introduction to the findings of the study and the top 10 answers that were given and my short take on them. Some of them will be obvious to you, but others may be a little more obscure. Whatever your position in life, this will be of interest and benefit to you.

Moving forward from here, I plan to deal with each of the top 10 in turn over the next 10 days (God Willing) if I can overcome any resistance that might arise and avoid any calamities that might befall me as I undertake this project.

Link to YouTube


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