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The Top 10 Things People Want in LIFE but can’t Seem to Get

The first episode in an exciting new series on what people want out of life. I came across a study that polled thousands of people on the question; ‘If you could say in one word what you want more of in life, what would that be?’

In this Vlog I give a brief introduction to the findings of the study and the top 10 answers that were given and my short take on them. Some of them will be obvious to you, but others may be a little more obscure. Whatever your position in life, this will be of interest and benefit to you.

Moving forward from here, I plan to deal with each of the top 10 in turn over the next 10 days (God Willing) if I can overcome any resistance that might arise and avoid any calamities that might befall me as I undertake this project.

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Fragments of Fragments II

In this episode I speak about how hard I have worked to get more comfortable in front of the camera. The Fragments mastermind team (which your more than welcome to become a part of). The three fork ethos that will likely underlie the Vlog moving forward. What I want out of YouTube, and what I think others will enjoy (please correct me if I’m wrong). And how I am trying to work hard to allow my ideas to flow out of me and onto the YouTube platform.

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Experimenting Creatively & Thinking About Daily Vlogs

In this episode I experiment with some more advanced cinematography techniques that I have seen in other peoples YouTube videos. It is, therefore, less informative and more entertaining. Going forward I would like to combine informative with entertaining and be able to appeal to more people as I post more content and develop my craft.

Thank you for your support, criticism and feedback. It really means a lot to me. There is nothing like hearing someone enjoyed what you created!

So. Daily Vlogs. I think its a real possibility, and if I push myself and have a theme/narrative to build on each day, it should be more captivating than me sitting in front of my book case. But I am still new to this, and growing every day. Thanks for joining me!


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Donald Trump – A Short Bio & His Connections with Russia

NEW VLOG!! A bio of Donald Trump and his connections with Russia. I speak about Putin and his KGB career. Russias attempts to influence American and European politics. Trumps visits to Russia. Miss Universe 2013 in Russia. Rubbing shoulders with Aras Agalarov. Russias influence on the U.S election.

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The Book of Life

In this episode I speak about some of my favourite autobiographies. Beginning several years ago focussing specifically on golf biographies, I slowly branded out and read about the lives of popular and inspirational figures from history. Finally I found myself reading about spiritual figures which have the added benefit of being full of wisdom they have gained from their spiritual practices.

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The Retreat – Part Four – The Experience

In this, the final episode of the retreat series I share my concluding spiritual experience. It is pretty out of this world and so you will need to hear and see it to believe it. Make of it what you will, it touched me deeply.

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The Retreat – Part Three – What I Did

In this Vlog I share what I did during my days and nights in the camping pod. Austerities, prayer, study, meditation and much more. At the end I have tried something different. Let me know what you think.

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