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The Power of The List

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy are powerful ways of ingraining suggestions into your subconscious. As with all things, this is not the only way to deliver suggestions to your subconscious. 

I will share with you another powerful way. Write a list of all of the important goals you would like to achieve. These can include fitness goals, business goals, relationship goals. Anything that you would like to achieve moving forward. Take some time and sit down and really think about these things. Where would you like to be in one months, six months, one years time? What habits would you like to have gotten rid of? What habits would you like to have incorporated into your daily routine? What would you like to have achieved?
The next step is to make this peice of paper with your list on sacred to you. Take it everywhere with you, carry it on your person at all times. Look at your list before you begin your meditation. Look at it before you go to sleep at night. Look at it first thing as you wake up in the morning!

By performing all of these steps, it will become very clear if your daily life is at variance with your goals. For example, if your goals is to quit smoking, and that is at the top of your list, but you continue to buy cigarettes and smoke them, then clearly this goal is not as important as you thought. If your goals is to lose weight and get in shape, but yet you continue to eat sweet, sugary things, or eat too much, then you would need to ask yourself, ‘How badly do I want to lose weight?’

The thing to remember is that inherent within every intention, goal or desire is the potential for its fulfilment. Nothing has come into being without first being a thought, intention or goal first. From the aeroplane to electricity, they all began as thoughts and intentions. Your goals are no different! 


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Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a perfectly natural state and can be used in many ways, including helping to improve your general functioning and to make you feel better mentally or physically. We have all at some stage in our life, some more often than others, experienced a light hypnotic trance state. This occurs most often when we are engaged in some kind of automatic activity.

A common example of this would be the highway trance, when, while driving on a long or regular car journey, one may have no recollection of a large part of the journey already covered even though they were engaged in the skilfull task of driving a car. Sometimes huge chunks of the journey can disappear from the memory upon arrival at a destination. Driving is one instance. People can find themselves in a similar state while doing any monotonous activity; walking, dining alone, taking a shower or watching television. This is to name only a handful of examples. In fact, hypnotic trances and everyday trances are very similar in their subjective quality.

There is nothing new or innovative in hypnosis, everything available to us today is very old and the way it works has not changed for thousands of years. It can also be considered as an inherent property in many people. Hypnotic techniques are used by many, sometimes quite unconsciously. Suggestion, distraction, relaxation, imagery and confusion are often employed by many different individuals in many different fields. Medical practitioners, psychologists, midwives, insurance and advertising agents, all of these on occasion will use hypnosis without themselves or their clients or victims being aware that these practices could be labelled so.

The main physical characteristic of hypnosis is relaxation. Many people in today’s society have become so accustomed to tension and stress in daily life that they come to accept it as the norm. An individual will find it very difficult to be tense and at the same time susceptible to hypnosis. This is why to begin with you will first experience a deep level of relaxation. This is the lightest state of hypnosis, simply becoming very relaxed from head to toe.

A popular misunderstanding regarding hypnosis is that it puts the subject into a state of unconsciousness which resembles sleep. This is actually not the case. It would be better described as a waking state of focused attention which in turn increases an individual’s suggestibility. Suggestion plays a very important part in hypnotherapy and is incredibly powerful.

Hypnosis is a remarkable and very dynamic tool to be used in therapy and some of the results documented can only be described as miraculous! The main psychological and physical aspects experienced during the hypnotic state will be very similar to all who experience them. However, the level of experience will be subject to an individual’s willingness to conform, and to their hypnotic susceptibility. I believe the results of a hypnotherapy session have everything to do with a person’s mind-set and attitude towards hypnosis. If someone has been forced to seek therapy by a spouse or family member and is not really interested, the results that follow will show just that. Compare this to a subject who truly believes in hypnosis, hypnotherapy and their therapist, and the results can be amazing.

Hypnotherapy is simply the use of hypnosis for therapy. It is the application of certain well known principles in a systematic way to help an individual make positive changes in their life.

Many individuals assume that they know all about hypnosis from what they have read, seen on the television or heard from ‘reputable’ experts in the field. What they fail to realise is the fact that many of those behind this form of media may well have unknowingly been misinformed in regards hypnosis. This is not done in a malicious way, it is only due to a lack of understanding.

If you would like more information about how hypnotherapy might be able to help you directly then please visit Harmonious Development for many interesting articles on the subject.

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Why Smoke!?

I am writing this blog post from my new perspective as hypnotherapist and counsellor. Working with several clients and helping to assist them in becoming non-smokers, as well as looking around at the many people who make the conscious decision to smoke got me thinking… Why Smoke? It is my wish that when you have finished reading these words you take a few short moments to think about this pastime that you choose to partake in. And, ultimately ask yourself the question; Why Smoke?

Some of you may have seen and even participated in a question I asked on my Facebook page. I asked people to answer in a sentence or two ‘why you smoke’? And if you didn’t smoke yourself, to ask someone close to you why they smoke. I was very pleased with the responses that I got and they really helped me to compose this blog with a clear objective in mind.

There were many and varied answers but all were given with honesty and sincerity. Or that’s at least how it came across from where I was reading. Among some of the answers that were given were; I enjoy/like smoking, it gives me a feeling of contentment/comfort when I have finished, it looks good, it relieves stress, its a habit, its an addiction. In this article I will be concentrating on the last two; habit and addiction. To begin with I will give a general definition of habit and addiction:

HabitAn acquired or routine behaviour pattern that is repeated regularly and is often carried out and tends to occur involuntary.

AddictionThe state of being enslaved to a habit or to something that is psychologically or physically adverse to an individual. The continued repetition of a behaviour despite being aware of its adverse consequences.

Many people who answered my question said ‘its a habit’, or ‘its an addiction’. For the sake of this blog we can take habit and addiction to be synonymous. If your uncomfortable with this idea then think of an addiction as an intense or severe habit.

A habit is simply the process of forming a particular behaviour pattern through repetition. Those of you that answered why you smoke because its a habit can probably accept that smoking is just something you do now, or that you have done it for so long now its hard to stop. But habits are of two kinds; positive and negative. Its a very positive habit to clean your teeth when you wake up and before you go to bed. Its a positive habit to wear your seat belt when your driving in your car. To look left and right before crossing the road.

Its equally positive to ingrain the habit of not smoking. Working with people it has become completely clear that there are absolutely no benefits to smoking, and so many benefits to not smoking. Some of the reasons not to smoke; the cost of cigarettes, the health issues that come with being a smoker, the smell, the effect on those around you, the grip that it has on an individual, and more that i’m sure you can think of yourself.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. In my opinion you can do whatever you desire. You can take up yoga, learn a new language, take a college course, join a gym, find a new job, and on and on in whichever direction you want to go. Equally you can decide to shake the grip that nicotine and cigarettes hold on you. To save your money for better and more productive pastimes (holidays, children, bills etc), and to live a healthier, happier life.

If you feel unable to do this by yourself, hypnotherapy and counselling can help. The process we go through is simple and effective and if you want to become a non-smoker but don’t have the will-power by yourself, together we can work towards a new, healthier, more financially well-off you. Want it and you can have it!

For more information about quitting smoking and many other services visit I look forward to hearing from you!

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