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The Retreat – Part Two – Why Go?

A popular Zen saying tells us: “You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day, unless your too busy, then you should sit for an hour.”

In this episode I speak about the different levels of retreat. For the mind, body and soul.

By retreating from the world we can rest and recharge, gain clarity of mind, focus on whats important, develop a plan for the future and much else besides.

Please let me know if you intend to go on retreat this year, or if you have been on one recently.

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The Retreat – Part One – Brook Meadow Farm


The Retreat – Part One – Brook Meadow Farm.

In this episode I speak about the location of my retreat, it’s setting and facilities, and the experience you are sure to have by going to stay there.

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The Retreat – Prologue

This episode is a prologue to a series of four episodes about a retreat I recently went on.

For some it would be considered a retreat, whereas for others it would be seen as a short prison sentence. How do you see it?

A retreat is the act of withdrawing. A time away from the world and the rat race. A time away from technology.

Stay tuned for the coming episodes in which I will cover; location, why you would go, what I got up to, and the return to life.

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Animal Welfare

For everyone who has pets that they dearly love, or who make the choice to be a vegan or vegetarian, you will enjoy this short Vlog.

Or if you simply love animals or all life on the earth, have a watch.

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On Negativity

It isn’t easy to avoid being miserable and remain upbeat when the weather is cold and wet, and miserable! This is an impromptu episode on Negativity. If today is a miserable day for you, then you have to watch it. How to get warm and dry, and overcome the negativity!

Like and subscribe, and share how you like to keep warm and dry on wet and windy (miserable) days.

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Live Your Best Life

Very pleased with this new Vlog. In this episode I speak about living your best life, and what is required to have the best year to date. I also experiment with some new skills I have learnt in the editing process which includes images to better emphasise my points.

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Happy New Year : A summary of the Vlogs content.

This Vlog will focus on some ideas for how you can become the best version of you. The dream image you have of what you can become.

We must know what is required to achieve our goals, but also be able to foresee any obstacles that are likely to get in our way.

At the beginning of every New Year we have a choice to make, but this choice exists on the macro level each and every day. Do you want to keep on indulging in old habits, or to change your life for the better?

The step by step, or upwards ascent to success.

Vision – Goals – Strategy – Action – Success

The obstacles we are likely to encounter.

Discipline. Making the right choices.

How much do you want it?

Make today so awesome, that yesterday gets jealous.

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Where is the Love? 

Is this not a predominant question in these times we live in? More and more people in my social network and friends and family are coming round to the inescapable reality that materialism will not end our suffering. 

If it could end our suffering, the acquisition of more and more stuff, then those with the most stuff would be the happiest. But this is not the case. What are we trying to fill by consuming more and more? To what end is this modern consumerism aiming? 

It seems to me that it is a distraction from what is real. And we can ask ourselves here; ‘what is real?’ Is reality a universal perception or only subjective to the one experiencing it? 

This brings me to the title question, Where is the Love? Is there any love in the world? The media would have us believe that there is none. All there is is terror, fear, wealth inequality, governments only interested in their own agendas. But I disagree. We have a choice to unite or to separate, to be exclusive or inclusive. These are choices that we have to make all the time. 

Imagine a pristinely clean, neat and tidy house. I mean really clean, like a show house or a house that someone is trying to sell and has scrubbed up so that it shines. Everything is clean and orderly, except for one corner of one room. In this corner is mess, clutter, dust, grime and all sorts of untidiness. 

Now if we sat in the middle of the room with the messy corner and focussed on this part of the house only, never leaving the room or looking away from the corner we would consider the house a messy one. Alternatively, if the door to this room was closed and you only had access to the rest of the house, the clean and tidy parts, you would take the house to be pristine. This is how I view the world today. 

According to Google there are 7.5 billion people living on the earth. Less than a percent of the world population breed the hate and fear that the media love to focus their attention on. This is similar to the analogy above, that if you focus on the dirty corner you will consider the house to be dirty, whereas in reality it is clean.

In my analogy of the clean house, fear and terror can be seen as the dirt and mess occupying one corner of one room. And love can be seen as cleanliness that abounds in the rest of the house. 

Where do you choose to focus your attention? 

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